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Christian Dior, the Group of LVMH and Christian DIOR Couture, announces to have realized a 1.8 billion euro net income Group share and a common operating profit of 7.3 billions euros un 2016, in respective progress of 15% and 6%.

Dior established a new record of sale increasing by 5 % at current rates and 6 % at constant rates with a 39.5 billion euro of annual revenue.

These 39.5 billion euros broke down as follows : 37,6 billions for LVMH and 1.936 millions for Christian Dior Couture.

The Annual General Assembly which take place on April 13th, 2017, it will be proposed, in conformance with the fiscal year on December 31st, 2016, the payment of a dividend in cash of 1,40 euro per share which will be put in payment on April 21st.

Christian Dior remains careful for 2017 because a lot of uncertainty remains so much from the point of view of the political and economic international situation.

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