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FranceThe new fiscal measures adopted by the government are applied from August 1st, 2012 and everybody will have to pay. In the audit ordered by the French government, 7.2 billion euro missed to buckle the budget 2012 and thus a generalized increase of tax was chosen as solution.

Here is the list of the measures:

-At the end of the tax exemption of extra hours for the employees with the exception of the companies of less than 30 employees. However, this measure concerns 9.4 million employees France with net income of 1600 euro a month and could gain 500 euro more a year.


- The tax system on inheritance tax applies henceforth from 100 000 euro by child instead of 159 000 euro. Besides, a couple having two children could previously transmit up to 637.300 euro with a allowance every 10 years. It will be henceforth 400.000 euro with a allowance every 15 years.


- The tax shield was repealed and 30 000 concerned households will have to fulfill on income a 95 531euro tax of tax on the holdings and either 39 295 euro.


- Taxation on the 0.10 % financial transactions by operation. This new taxation had been voted on March 14th, 2012 by the former majority to the French Assembly.


- The nonresidents will be taxed by 15.5 % on the gains of a residence sold in France.


- Taxation of golden parachutes. Henceforth, a company director will see his part an employee taxed from 8 to 10 % and the employers' part from 14 to 30 %.

  The government did not hold for the moment the increase of the CSG-CRDS on income and repealed the law on the social tax voted by the former majority.

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