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IMG 4050Wall Street closed up the week in spite of rather gloomy international economic news.


Indeed, China, the second world economy, marks the step on the economic plan with Chinese exports in almost stagnation, only 1 % and imports increasing by 4.7 %.

Chines inflation moves back of 1.8 % leading to predict a slowdown in the Chinese consumption.


Other worrisome international economic factor, it is the Eurozone with in particular Spain and Italy which need to re-finance the economy with their rates rising.


In front of this international situation, the American investors remain positive with their economy. Last week, figures of employment for july published by the US Department of Labor shown the creation of 163 000 jobs.

It  is added to the good quarterly results of the American companies and a declining US budget deficit over July 2012.

The US deficit stands at 69.6 billion dollars in July, 2012 against 129.4 billions in July, 2011. The expenditures drop to 254.2 billion dollars against 288.4 billion dollars.


The American investors wait this week new figures of the industrial production in the United States as well as the consumer prices and the market of housing starts. Some people already think that these figures will be positive.


To conclude, the Dow Jones has finishes on Friday in 13207.95 points in 0.32 % and Nasdaq in 0.07 % in 3020.86 points.


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